Bangkok 1972 a place of memory, memories of a place…
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Today is my last posting of slides/scans for awhile. I am taking a break from memory lane. I will be back to my regular blog features on this forum starting tomorrow. At some point in the future I will resume the picture blogs.

We are at 4300 of 9200 slides and now 0 of 4800 pictures scanned.

carousel 094

The royal palace in Bangkok. Yes it does have a moat. Plus guards. The King of Thailand actually holds a patent as an engineer. He built a system to solve the problem of static water. In the tropics static water or stagnant water is a huge problem quickly due to the heat. The King invented a system that keeps static water (not naturally moving) mooing. He in the 1970’s was the only monarch in the world with a patent.

He also had a moat. That by the way is cool, too.

When we lived in Bangkok there was a coup de ta where the military took over the government. It doesn’t happen very often but it did while we were there. For a couple of days there was a lot of tension and then everyone went back to living. Sometimes the world of the government doesn’t impact the world of people much. Sometimes it does but in that case it didn’t very much.

carousel 088

There are a number of pictures of Thai movie posters in the Thailand tray. Dad was intrigued by the vast difference between the ones in the US and the one’s in Thailand.

First of all there were many more in Bangkok.

Second of all they were big and everywhere. Some of the US rules didn’t apply which made them interesting. Its been nearly 300 years since the puritans were banished to the wilderness of the colonies. But the puritan spirits is still alive and well!

The posters were always interesting for an 11 year old.

carousel 082

From Bangkok to New York City the best food is sold by the street vendors. Sure there is a risk of sanitary issues but in the end it is the best food.

You learn more about a culture when you immerse yourself in that culture.

As I said above this is my last picture blog for awhile. I need to take a break and move back to my traditional blog components. I hope everyone has enjoyed the many wonderful images my grandfather and father took along with the couple of cool pictures I took or my daughters/sons took as well.

It is a journey.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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