One Day…
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One day.

14 to 16 waking hours.

(depends on how many meetings of course as to the waking status)

One day.

A slice between darkness.

What in the end is one day? Each one day slogging together to produce 7 one days that we call now a week. 365 one days slogged together to produce what we call a year. One revolution around sol. Well almost, still have to turn .25 one day. Then it is one full revolution around sol.

One day.

In one day the world can change.

I wonder sometimes. Sitting in traffic or here writing this blog if the day that past was/is/will be as good as the day to come or worse. Each day of a week sometimes blurring into unforgettable pudding or possibly breakfast oatmeal congealed in a bowl. Will today be better? Is today the day? Or is today like all the other yesterday’s just another tick in a leather belt, another fallen gunperson?

The day a slower draw than yesterday or a fast draw than tomorrow until there is only memories of what was. There in a question in and of itself was yesterday the better day?

I ask myself that often.

Do all your yesterday’s equal one tomorrow? or 1000?

What in a life of days stretched behind you is the point of known return? Or is it rather that it is the days ahead that we should turn to? We should close the door on yesterday and see only tomorrow?

One day.

A wise man once said “he crumples a bag around his yesterday’s so that he can silently drink them in quiet peace. There no more tomorrows for him.”


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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