Shameless Review Logitech CC3000 e Video Conferencing system…
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I do a lot of video conferences. It seems every year the number of those increases by 2 or 3 times. The first thing I would like to note about the new Logitech video conferencing system is that it adds gray hair to your picture. Well at least I think it added gray hair to mine. 

The system is compact with a speakerphone and camera connected to a hub and then to your computer via USB. Works best with a USB 3.0 port but I did also use it with a standard USB 2.0 port and it was fine. Set-up was straight forward and easy. The hardest thing actually was finding the right height and spot to mount the camera. It comes with a nice wall mount for the camera.

What I loved:

  • No software required. They have drivers for Lync, Jabber and others but you do not need specific software to actually run the system. It is truly a plug and play addition to your home.
  • Speaker phone is wonderful. Crystal clear, easy to mute and unmute (which as everyone known is the number one reason  for dropped calls in a conference – I was trying to unmute my phone).
  • System looks nice – lights up blue on the edges when connected to your PC. Lights up red on the edges when on mute.
  • Camera is amazing – other than adding gray hair to my head it is quite impressive in both ease of use (panning, zooming) and displays wonderful pictures on both end (my end and the remote view).
  • Integrates with Skype – I like that. I still use Skype to connect with a few friends over seas.

What I don’t like

  • Well the cost is a bit high actually.
  • Diagnostic software is really required. It is a download option it should just be included with the device on a CD and say install me.

Long term Logitech continues to create better and better devices in their fields of excellence. The little brother of this unit is a lot cheaper and also highly effective although in terms of video and audio quality not as good. The link to the smaller unit is here .

This one is a little harder on the buy/don’t buy. If you do frequent video conferences get the CC3000e. If you only do the occasional conference call from home then get the Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam. I got the BCC950 about a year ago and my wife uses it now in her office. Overall you can’t go wrong with either unit.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

*All shameless reviews sponsored by Creative Technology & Innovation

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