Random thoughts…

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A few random thoughts:

  • Is it bad when your dog takes over your massage chair?
  • If you pull in front of someone on the highway cutting them off, its your responsibility NOT TO BRAKE TO DO SO
  • Is the Internet of things (iOT) just more things to lose?
  • I’ve half a mind to, wait I forgot what I was going to say.
  • I miss cellular dead spots. The range of my cellular phone is now directly proportional to the number of hours I work and the number of people I talk to during that work day.
  • Why call it Mayonnaise?
  • While we are on it, why television?
  • why not Visiontele? After all its about seeing first rather than what you are seeing.
  • I am addicted to Pawn Stars. That is the first step towards getting better acknowledging I have a problem.

Just a few random thoughts and questions to start off a Thursday morning. Not sure where they all come from but I do know where a couple come from. It is in the end one of my long term themes, Washington DC traffic. Time to build another bridge guys. Oh, and to enforce aggressive driving and HOV lanes. Really.

I have a couple of Kickstarter and Indiegogo programs I am watching right now. I will post my initial endorsements this weekend if anyone is interested. I had moved those over to my professional blog and am moving them back to my personal blog.

I’ve been working with two campaigns that are about to be launched on their overall marketing and potential. I feel like the oldest person in the room when I have those conversations. Most of the campaign people I work with are I their 20’s. I was almost in my second 20’s when some of them were born. It makes me feel old.

Happy Thursday – only three work days left in the week!

PS – Labradors and screens don’t mix. Last night Raven when through the front screen of the front window. What a crazy dog. Now we have to leave the windows closed facing the street. Geez.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow?

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