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There are some Indiegogo and Kickstarter projects that I think are really exceptional right now.


The first one is an android device built to connect with your Television and offer the freedom and functionality of a smarter than smart tv. Like Jibo this is an AI that learns and expands its capabilities as well you interact with it. It works both in your home and when you are remote. Emospark – interesting name, really interesting project.

The second project is called WEDG. It allows you to create a secure private cloud – in this case I would argue it is actually a secure personal cloud. It also supports email and if they hit their next funding goal they will support secure I’M. Supports up to four terabytes with a RAID option. You can use your own domain or simply hang off of their existing domain. Wedg – also an interesting name!

The last Indiegogo project (I haven’t done this in awhile) is the Equil Smart pen. I am a huge paper and pen person so anything that improves my ability to take notes the way I like to (pen to paper) and still effectively share those notes is a great tool. The Equil smart pen fits into that category and is an extremely interesting technology. Equil smart pen.

FYI: I don’t pick the names.


The first campaign is one I’ve just started backing. Its called Maxmytv. Like the Emospark and Jibo it works to make your home smarter. Unlike the other two it is more of a smart hub connected to your television to make your television smart +. It has an intriguing story and functionality goal. Its just starting out as a campaign but frankly I think here is something in this… MaymyTV

APOC pro is a radiation detector. Its interesting in that radiation in the atmosphere is increasing. It is also a great extension of my Internet of things stayable/portable argument. The more you can know about the world around you the better off you will be. From UV to Gamma radiation in the atmosphere is something all of us should know about. APOC Pro

This last project was featured on my blog about 4 months ago. They had to cancel the original project due to the time required to receive US Federal certification for their laser. They are back now. A laser cutter and engraver for home use. Cheap enough that it is not painful (most other laser engravers run 700 dollars or more and are huge). This is a really cool project for hobbyists. Laser Cube

My rules for this particular blog are simple. I back the projects shared. I do not guarantee anything as like anything investing in potential has risks. All of these projects are ones that have caught my eye and all have interesting stories to share.

All reviews of technology sponsored by Creative Technology & Innovation.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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