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Lately I’ve noticed my response to open ended questions has changed. I’ve been working on this “issue” for years but lately the working is well starting to work. I don’t answer open ended questions with an assured its this way anymore. I now ask the next question or start my response with “it depends on what you are trying to do.” That little and subtle change has taken me 10 years to implement. It is really hard not to answer the open ended question with a definitive answer.

I still like to ask open ended questions. They are fun – but I do tend to post them on my blog as Random Thoughts. That by the way is the most responded segment I do on my blog. Everything else I’ve done over the years gets some level of response but people react to the Random Thoughts blogs with lots of interesting responses.

Random Thoughts:

  • Why are Phablets so popular? You can’t really carry them like a smaller phone and when you put it to your ear it still looks like you are talking to a brick…
  • I get the whole in a rush thing in the morning but if you cut me off and then HAVE TO SLAM ON THE BRAKES perhaps you shouldn’t have cut me off?
  • Your morning prep routine works perfectly except for the whole staying in your lane thing – perhaps you could add that to your morning checklist before you get into the car?
  • There are two commercials that I hear most mornings. I end up singing the theme song at the end of the commercial even thought I WOULD NEVER GO TO THE STORE in question. Why is that?
  • 1 billion ants can’t be wrong. But what are they right about?
  • Curse words don’t make you funny. Funny thoughts make you funny.

The problem with driving to work for an hour is the random thoughts I have. There really isn’t a place to put them. Like a Phablet they don’t fit in my pocket. They aren’t like pieces of paper I could crumple and throw away. They just kind of bounce around in my head and end up spewing out into my blog every once in awhile. The traffic ones are often laced with profanity when they first come out so I tend to clean those up. It is in the end a family G rated blog.

And now, for something completely different.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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