The beach, and from the beach folder…where however I do not know…
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OK first off it’s a great picture of the entire family except for dad. Second off I suspect its more embarrassing for my wife and my mother that I am wearing those pants. Please note they were the style roughly at the time. I don’t remember where this was taken.

I believe the person leaving over and talking to mom was Kathleen Hart (one of mom’s dearest friends who lived in England). Lynne if facing Barb, barb is facing Lynne with her head turned towards mom. I suspect mom is quietly thanking the heavens as we were quietly doing something and not fighting at the time of this picture.

It should also be noted that my sister Lynne did in fact have hair for most of her life. It was the time we were traveling to Bangkok that the hair was incredibly short.


There is something horribly fishy about this picture.

Dad took a lot of pictures of his kids. I think of all the pictures we took most of them were of landscapes and nature. (he had a phenomenal eye). But if people were in the picture most of them had his kids.

Also it should be noted that my sisters and I did get along most of the time. We did have a few epic disagreements over the years. But for the most part we were reasonably willing to be at least in the same physical universe (although seldom in the same room, or for that matter same half the house).

Like the picture above I have no idea where this picture comes from. It is in a folder labeled beach. There is, as you can see one picture of the beach (at the top) but other than that not so much…


Not sure what the facial expressions mean in this one.

Not even sure where it is. I do know that it wasn’t a house we ever owned or lived in. The houses I don’t remember (in Chicago) were when it was me only or Lynne and I. The houses I do remember didn’t have large wooden decks that lead into overgrowth.

This is again a beach picture but I have not the slightest idea what beach. My gut is based on Barb’s age it is right after we were in Thailand. Past that my detective skills are not able to figure out the what and where.

I should be a great detective. My mother took me to every Agatha Christie movie ever (that we both loved!!!!) and she and I had to go to see the “Pink Panther” movies in the theater because dad couldn’t stand the embarrassing fall off the chair laughter that ensured when Peter Sellers hit the screen.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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