Pictures don’t always equal memories but these do…
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Somewhere in Indiana roughly 1971-3 time range. Dad loved to go on hikes. We spent many weekends walking around the various parks and area’s near Bloomington Indiana.

This could be one of 100 different locations.

Barb is pretty little – so it has to be around the early 1970s. Either ‘71 or ‘73 as we were in Bangkok late ‘71 to early ‘73.

So in the end it’s a mystery. It was located in a box called Indiana3. There were also homecoming and fourth of July pictures in the box.


This picture comes from Disneyland. We were there in the mid-1970’s. Mom took Lynne and Barb while dad and I wandered off to ride some of the rides that had longer lines. I really wanted to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean. I don’t think dad did. But he went with me.

We also went to universal studios on that trip. We got to see how the animated/used special effects to make the 6 million dollar man run.

I found out later that Lee Majors played football for Indiana University. Made me like him even more. I loved the 6 million dollar man.

That was a great trip.

Having been to both I can honestly say the charm of Disneyland was better. My sister and I spent a week with my grandparents for spring break when I was in college. She and I did spend some time at Epcot. We loved that.


Mom and Barb playing in the snow in Cambridge Wisconsin.

I miss that lake house.



Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow)

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