The way it was…and for a night was again…
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The quest to keep my office cleaner now than the one I had in Indiana is still somewhat working. I have a couple of areas I need to remove some stuff. After cleaning out my dad’s office – I don’t want to leave those that follow me with a project. I am trying to purge old technology as quickly as I can.

I was a technologist long before I moved into the field of technology consulting.

But in being a technology consultant I end up with a lot more technology things. I have devices that support one or two activities that I use monthly but don’t use every day. If only there was a way to do utility pricing for gadgets. Pick up your gadget the one day you need it. Return it the next day and pay 1/30th the cost of the gadget because you and 29 other people are also using that gadget.

Of course the reality of buying a gadget is more the convenience of having the gadget versus the reality of going somewhere picking it up and then using it.

That said there are a few you can’t live without. Yesterday I made it halfway through the 8.1 update for my iPhone when the iPhone lost connection to AT&T. Today I have to call AT&T and figure out why. That should be a nice long conversation.

Last night the kids and I watched Ghostbusters. Jakki had never seen the movie and the boys and I wanted to share one of the great comedies with her. It was fun just the four of us hanging out like the old days. Its been a long time since we were just able to sit, relax and having fun together. This year has been a roller coaster emotionally and sometimes the toll that takes on you isn’t something you notice until you have a chance to do something you haven’t been able to do for awhile.

Now we just have to move a ton of wood (well a cord). Its in the driveway and we need to move it behind the fence so that its ready for the winter. We should probably also move around the summer tools and bring out the winter tools from the shed. I suspect we will do that next weekend. I am deeply afraid that when I move the snow blower to the garage it will snow. Last year it died in February. I got it fixed in early march and it snowed two more times after it was fixed. Its some kind of cursed snow attracting device.

For those interested I posted a new IASA Blog which should be available on Monday afternoon. I also posted a new safegov blog that is available now I am on the front page.

New podcasts going up today and of course my two daily blogs will be posted by 10 am.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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