Wandering down memory lane…

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Another picture from the past of my little sister. She is probably 8 or so in this picture. Figure this is around 1977 or so. This is the family room (wood paneled) in our hours in Sycamore Knolls. I recognize the photograph of my grandfather in the background that my father took. We had them on the walls. Mom and dad both loved having art work on the walls.

I vaguely remember the banjo weather gauge as well as the picture right above Barb’s head. This is either her birthday or Christmas. So the timeline is December or January.

The teak cubes in the background were something that mom had made in Thailand. She borrowed the design from one of the famous Danish designers. She says “I just copied them” but frankly just copying them would have created something different. In the end they were her design. Like the Copper Kettle that has been in our family for more than 100 years the cubes will always be a


part of our family and family lore.

Phoebe a little older as you can see the white hairs on her muzzle. She was the most regal dog and loved everyone in the family. I’ve talked about her special relationship with Barb and with mom. The only reason she wasn’t on the couch was that she was too big to fit. She sat on the couch with us, but seldom laid on the couch. I wish she could have lived to teach the Labradors that laying on the couch takes up a lot of space that humans could use.

This is also in the living room of the house in Sycamore knolls. I remember the couch and the throw blankets very fondly. That end of the house had baseboard heat and was a little colder than the rest of the house. But that end of the house had the TV so that was where we were cold or not.


This last picture is probably connected to the first one. Its Christmas morning Lynne is on the right and that is me on the left of the picture.

We had identical hair back then.  (just kidding Lynne) The image is reversed in that behind Lynne was the 1/2 bathroom that was also converted into a darkroom (and expanded into the garage).

Next to this room in the house was the garage door, a door to the deck and the add on to the house that the previous owners had put on. That room was my mothers sewing room. Next to that was my father’s home office with the principal desk crammed into it. He had a larger study on Dunstan Drive with more bookshelves. In later houses he had larger offices again. But for this house the office and sewing room were small.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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