A picture and the new Apple Macintosh OS shameless review

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I wasn’t going to post pictures today but then I found this one. It was taken by my grandfather Andersen I suspect somewhere near the Dells. The date on the photo was 1966. Lynne is to the right of dad and I am right behind dad in the white coat.

I love the camera dad had.

Anyway today’s blog derailed by a picture I found was instead an initial thinking/review of the new Apple Macintosh OS. Code named Yosemite, and frankly that is a fitting code name based on what I’ve seen in the 8 or so days I’ve been using it.

The OS is just pretty. The images and icons just look good. There is something to be said for beauty. Windows 8.1 is extremely functional and the new Apple OS is also functional but frankly on a large monitor it is just nice to look at.

I was a Macintosh guy for many years. Starting with the first computer I bought (pre-Macintosh it was an Apple IIC). I loved the look and feel of the Macintosh and used my Macintosh for everything. Today I use a PC more for creativity but I am slowly but surely moving the Macintosh back into the rotation.

What I like:

  • just beautiful
  • upgrade was time consuming but no hiccups
  • Complete upgrade but all my settings were preserved
  • All my applications work on the new OS – no problem.

What I don’t like

  • so far – nothing

I use my iPad for most of my creative small project now. From 3d scanning to jotting down a quick image file for an architecture document or a quick sharable whiteboard session the iPad is my first choice. I use office for most document and blog creation – that I can use on any platform (iPhone, iPad, windows computer and Macintosh.

I am hoping that Microsoft pays attention with windows 10 and makes the upgrade smarter. Don’t tell me I can’t upgrade simply place applications that don’t work well into compatibility mode. The Apple experience is so much kinder than the Microsoft experience today. The hilarious thing is overall you can upgrade office at any time – no issue. Enough Microsoft bashing…

The reality of this upgrade – simple and easy. My Macintosh is roughly 18 months old. I use it every weekend and now more often during the week. This blog was created on the Macintosh. Overall moving from a PC only office to considering other platforms hasn’t been difficult. I use many more platforms today and understand the value of that platform much more now than I ever did.

If you are running the older Macintosh OS – upgrade. It is worth it!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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