Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects I think are really interesting…
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I’ve been doing my favorite Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaign posts for almost a year now. It’s a fun blog because it matches my personal love of the concepts of innovation with actual innovative implementations of ideas and concepts.


The first project is EMOSpark 2.0. I’ve mentioned this once before it is an intriguing in the home automation and home ai space. There are a number of projects in the space and these are the type of projects you have to be really careful about. Not that this particular project is one to worry about but in general I’ve found home automation projects are between 8-12 months late on average. The functionality and concept of EMOSpark makes it worth the wait but just a warning.

A home network/parameter project that I really like is WEDG. It gives you the chance to have secure email that is secured on a system you own. I really like the capabilities of this product. I love the blurb below about the product. I would argue that the real naming of the product should be as a personal cloud not a private cloud but overall an impressive product.

Wedge is your private cloud:

WEDG is off-cloud which means your data doesn’t sit in a vulnerable data centre. It’s at home or in the office where you know it’s safe from threats we’ve learned about recently. The WEDG comes with all the conveniences we’ve become used to and then some!


This next one is the 3rd Campaign I’ve backed for inXus a startup that is as they say connecting the world to your computer. They have built a series of connectors that allow you to create inputs for your computer – touch, pressure, temperature that can be mapped and graphed on the PC in question. It’s a USB connection and this is their campaign for their newest modules.

For teachers out there – this is a must have solution for introductory science education!!!

This next campaign like EMOSpark above is in that home automation category. Although MaxmyTV is more of an ultimate smart tv box that will enable more potential from your telelvision. Hard to compare the two in that they are effectively different. MaxMyTV is closer to some of the HDMI devices that appeared about a year ago or so (the Chromecast being the big on). My new permanent caution for home automation projects is they tend to be late. This one may also be late in delivering – but it has great potential.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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