Wisconsin, grandparents and memories of cooking…

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7700 slides scanned so far.

10800 of dad’s/grandpa Andersen’s pictures captured digitally.


HO Andersen. My father’s father. My grandfather. Served in the infantry in World War 1. Worked as a cobbler in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. head of the Andersen family in the Dells.

He passed the copper kettle to my dad.

My dad passed the copper kettle to me. Soon it will be Luke’s.

Oldest male child has had that Kettle in our family since the 1840’s.

Mom said “he was such a kind man.” I’ve found in scanning all the pictures he took that he came to visit my parents and I a number of times when I was little. He came to Michigan, Iowa, Bloomington and Chicago to see us. He took lots of pictures of all of us. I remember making trips to Wisconsin when we moved to Indiana. 7 long hours in the car. Dad didn’t believe in AC or radios in cars. Until we bought the blue machine (Mercury Station Wagon in 1969) we didn’t have AC. I remember mom bundling us up for a trip to Wisconsin for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. It was so cold in the car that Lynne and I were buried under blankets in the back seat. It was an old white sedan. We also flew one time to Milwaukee airport where Grandpa Johnson and Grandma Johnson picked us up. We also rode one time on the mighty Monon railroad all the way to ether Chicago or Milwaukee.


My father’s parents – Grandpa died in 1972 while we were in Thailand. Grandma lived until the mid-2000’s. She was considerably younger than Grandpa was.

Grandma Andersen didn’t introduce me to the Danish Pastry Kringle but she always had it in the house. She used to send us two or three Kringle around Christmas time each year.

My grandmother Johnston was a phenomenal cook. I remember the lavish feasts she made for Thanksgiving. Sitting in the dining room that was connected to the living room, the lake in the huge bay window at the far end of the room. My grandmother Johnston made blueberry pies that were so good I didn’t have birthday cakes until I was 17 or 18. I always asked for a birthday pie. I haven’t found one as good as my grandmother’s but I keep trying. Grandpa Ray and Grandma had a great system. Grandpa did most of the day to day cooking. But when  feast was required Grandma took over. I remember how proud I was when she kicked my mom out of the kitchen but let me stay and help.

Grandmother Andersen didn’t cook but she had dogs. I loved to hang out with her dogs. I used to think it was strange – she fed them canned green beans. When I was old enough that I could cook, I ended up cooking when we were at Grandma Andersen’s house. II I didn’t cook – Lynne did. Like I said Grandma didn’t cook much.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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