An instant captured in a photograph, memory or not it is there forever…
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This photo by Henry Ole Andersen. Taken in 1963, This photograph represents my grandfather vision of beauty. Beauty is where the photographer looks and what they capture, in their eyes. Without a doubt a thousand people walk by the moment or the image that the photographer captures they see fleeting beauty. Fleeting beauty that is gone in the blink of an eye. Or captured forever with the click of a camera.

Live in the moment, find the piece of the moment that is you and in finding that reach into that piece and become one with the moment. Each flower perfect against the background of fog or the mist of early morning. The purple gentle against the green and white background and time don’t forget time. It weaves through this stopped for just the blink of an eye. Yet always marching forward this spot to never be as it is here, but was then and can be no more.

That is the gift the photographer leaves behind. Something that was once, but is now and yet can never be again. An almost in the end shifting wind of time. A gentle breeze that stopped by these flowers for a second stopped. Then time marched on to record other things other images. In the end this is the first image and the last image. The image that was, once now more than 50 years ago. A place and time frozen forever on this screen.


Another moment. This is my grandmother Andersen sitting. Since it is from 1963 this is either my cousin Kristin or my sister Lynne basking in the sunlight on grandmother Andersen’s lap. What wonderful moment to capture in time forever I just wish I knew who exactly it was. (most likely Lynne based on timing). We could lighten the picture and probably will but for now this is the original as it was scanned from the slide.

There are treasures in the family history project we’ve undertaken. Treasures greater than time itself. The greatest gift to leave behind – moments.

As we head into the home stretch with the project it is hard to deal with the last slides. We put the years that were my youngest into bags at the beginning of the project and are now getting to those slides. Images from many years ago that now seem small and tiny on this screen but to me are bigger than anything I have or could have.


Finally a fading moment of history. Hans O Andersen, me hiding behind him and Lynne in front of us. This is before dad was at Indiana University. When he was starting at Niles West High School in Chicago Illinois. Before he was Dr. Andersen.

We would head down to Bloomington Indiana a couple of years after this picture. Barb was born in Bloomington at the end of the 1960’s. We lived initially when we moved there in old WWII Army Barracks converted to graduate housing they were called Hoosier Courts. Dad finished his doctoral degree in one year. He received a scholarship from the NSF to become a teacher of science teachers in the mad rush to improve science after Sputnik and the first man in space not being an American. But this moment belongs to Mom, me and Lynne. Faded around the edges but never slipping away. Our moment in time forever.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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