The road less taken and an occupied park bench…
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My grandfather found Robert Frost’s road less traveled. Well he found a road most likely in the Wisconsin Dells area that no one was on.  This picture is from September 1962, My much younger sisters weren’t even born yet. It was just mom, dad and me.

Some of the older 50+ year old slides were on the old Kodak film and have started to fade. Many worse than others. It depends on how they were stored in the end.

The beauty of a digital image is that you can carefully restore these to their original. But it is also important to remember them as they are. Sometimes it is the very essence of what the photographer is capturing in the image that is critical. In this case the joy of rural Wisconsin. My grandfather and father both grew up in and around Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. They were outdoors as much as if not more than they were indoors.


<e pm Dad’s ;ap. I know not where I do know when. The slides were developed in September 1962 so this picture was probably taken in the summer of 1962. My how the world has changed since then. When I was small the world was huge, it isn’t as big now as it was then.

I have the same picture except it’s Jakki or the boys sitting on my lap. There are a couple of me having fallen asleep or resting with the boys lying on my chest. It is the same picture.

I think every father has the picture of them holding their children like this. It is a magical moment that is both bonding and reassuring. The child safe in daddy or mommy’s arms.


Wow – what a picture. I remember that Green sweater. Mom has her head away from the camera. Sitting next to mom is my grandfather Henry O Andersen. Lynne is on Grandpa’s lap. Next to Lynne is me sitting on dad’s lap and last is my father Hans O. Andersen. Our family has a long tradition that every first born male has the middle initial O. We continued that for both boys with a name starting with O.

This picture is from 1965. It’s either from Wisconsin Dells or from near where we lived in Chicago. That was the summer before the exodus to Bloomington Indiana.

What a happy moment in time.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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