Monthly Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects that are cool…
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It has been awhile since I shared some cool Indiegogo and Kickstarter projects. So without further adieu here we go…



I have a great horror story idea based on the whole concept of being able to draw circuits. Imagine a poor person with their feet in water tied to a chair and the person torturing them draws a circuit on the leg of the chair towards their arm. Please excuse the long drawn out horror moment. I don’t often have these but they do on occasion pop out of my head.

Both of the crowd funding sites slow down around the holidays mostly because a lot of campaigns are still stuck in the get it by Christmas. I also feel sorry for those campaigns that ship this time of year. Shipping services are clogged past rull right now and are running at maximum capacity so anything shipped will be delayed.

It is an interesting collection of projects though. Overall other than a couple of well significant disappointments my experience with the two crowd funding sites has been positive. There are a few campaigns that need the abject reality lesson of project management (projects are delayed – assume the project will be delayed and work towards fixing the things that delay the project early). But the overall experience has been very good. Kickstarter has a cool feature I wish Indiegogo would add (did you receive the product). I would also like to see Kickstarter add a post project rating (you got the item now how do you rate it that would include how over their original timeline were they).

Project Managers given the change pad their estimates. They know software architects design solutions in the perfect world where nothing goes wrong. Some of the KS and IG campaigns I’ve advised needed that lesson badly. Some of the one’s I’ve backed but not advices needed the lesson but they didn’t ask at the time.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow!

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