Happy Thanksgiving–and the family history project marches on…

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Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the day. Our dogs call this thanks for giving the Labradors turkey and stuffing.



This picture is of my father’s Aunt Mart (Martha) who was my great Aunt. After my grandfather Andersen passed away Great Aunt Mart and Grandma Andersen lived together. Great Aunt Mart was my Grandmother’s sister.

Grandma and Great Aunt Mart always had dogs. For years they had a Scottie and a couple of other types of dogs. They always had smaller dogs rather than larger ones.


My grandfather Andersen decked out in his finest 1968. Some of the pictures (as you can see above for Great Aunt Mart) are damaged. They were stored in tubs and slide holders for more than 40 years. So they have over time become a little damaged.

Still it is nice to have a great picture like this. I don’t remember much about my grandfather and in doing this family history project I am finding that he was around a lot more than is in my memory. He visited us a number of times and had pictures of me from about age 1 month to about age nine.

He came to see us in Bloomington, Ames Iowa, and came to see my parents when they were at the University of Michigan  (Ann Arbor).


This is I suspect (based on year 1968) my cousins Ricky and Kristin. They were the children of my Aunt Dorothy. Kristin would be about the same age as Lynne. Ricky was younger than Lynne. I don’t remember much about either of them other than like Joey and Peter we visited them from time to time. Actually I only remember visiting Joey and Peter one time in Ann Arbor Michigan. I think I was maybe 5 or 6 years old. My father’s oldest sister (Barbara) was very ill so we went to say good bye) My Aunt Barb died in 1966.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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