Porcupine Mountain State Park–a place magical hikes and Bears at the dump…

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Before the days of Internet and before the widespread world of television we took vacations where the goal was to see interesting things. My father loved vacations that combined hiking, beautiful scenery and ultimately something fun to watch.

We rented a cabin in the UP of Michigan. Near a place called Porcupine Mountain State Park. We spent a little over a week there (and 2 days getting there and back).

This is my father’s sense of humor. Our big entertainment event? Seeing Black Bears eating human waste at the dump. We sat safely in the car about 200 yards away while dad snapped pictures of the Black Bears. So, without further adieu here are the bears.


I have no idea where Barb was for this picture. Same location (UP of Michigan) same time and year (sometime in the mid-to late 1970’s).

The smiling face on the left is my sister Lynne. The smiling facing in the middle is my mother and I am the clown on the right side of the picture (as you stare at it here on the screen).

In the end most of those vacations were a blast. We spent a lot of time in the woods and hiked and saw amazing things on the many hikes.

Still my favorite walking quote is “Hans don’t take pictures of me.” Sandra R. Andersen.


Knowing the mind set of the family during these long hikes I suspect we are all looking for trails end. Depending upon my teenage mood I often started looking for trails end right after taking the first step. Sometimes even before taking the first step.

In this case you see all of us (except dad). I learned later when I took over taking family event pictures the value of being the photographer. You never have your picture taken when you are the one taking all the pictures. So starting in 2001 I disappear from photos and only are seen on the rare occasions when one of my kids took pictures. I also appear in a couple of Matt’s photos but that is mostly him taking pictures of me taking pictures of him. So its me behind my camera.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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