The family history project has finished stage 1…
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Yesterday during the IU Purdue game (or as I like to call it a wonderful afternoon, winning the one game of the year we have to win as Hoosiers) the boys finished the slide project.

Final statistics

  • 14004 of my father’s pictures moved to an archive
  • 10,467 slides scanned

The next part of our family history project is to scan the many pictures of Barb’s mom Joan Ralstin and the pictures she and I took before going all digital for camera’s in roughly 2001.Picture 084

Here is dad teaching in Chang Mai (formerly the Northern Capital of Thailand).

It seemed strange the morning not to have the scanner humming as we have moved it out of the space it was in and temporarily put it away. It will be nice to finalize all the pictures and give them to my family. I took over as family photog in 2002 or so. I realized during this project that there were hundreds of images never seen by me, mom, Lynne or Barb, Well now that I think about it I suspect we had seen maybe 1200 of the images and slides over the years. That left more than 9000 slides including all of Grandfather Andersen’s that we hadn’t seen.

So that will soon be over. Additionally the many hundreds of pictures I’ve taken at family events will be added so that we can all see all the pictures.


I am not as good a photographer as my father. But like my father I have great subjects to take pictures of and about. This is Dylan trying to figure out whey all of us were running around the house last year around Christmas (2013). He got to come with us to Grandpa and Grandma’s house. Dylan loves vacations. He is a really hard dog to photograph as you can take 100 pictures of him and you just don’t capture the essence of the being. A Buddhist monk whose temple was on our old walking path used to say that Dylan was an old soul. He actually used to let Dylan come into the outer part of the temple. Dylan would sit and watch as his friend got out the tiny rice candies he loved.

Personally I find a lot of peace in Buddhist temples.

This next picture is going to get me in trouble but I can’t help it. The goal is to share pictures now, to let them out into the wild so that other’s can enjoy them and hopefully find some value in them.


Dogs are not allowed on Grandma’s good couch. Dylan figured that meant the other four dogs that lived in the house. There was no way that Grandma meant Dylan wasn’t supposed to be on the couch.

2914 has been as much a year to forget as any year in the past 10. To many transitions and changes have filled this year. On this last day of November 2014 I can say I done with 2014. I am ready to move to 2015. That is the year of sharing pictures. I promise to post event and family pictures here on my blog at least twice a month. Mixed in with the huge backlog of technology reviews I haven’t done in a long time.

From time to time going forward I will share my father’s images such as the first one. I will share my Grandfather’s images as well. The rest of this year and next year start my new sharing campaign.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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