Family Christmas 2014–Bloomington Indiana

As promised th945A0483e picture blog resumes with a mix of old and new. Today the pictures are about as new as you can get. All of them were taken by myself, Jakki, Luke or Nick.

This is Tamsyn. She is the newest member of our clan.  I promised earlier to include a picture of her. She is like Raven a ham. Dylan doesn’t much like his picture taken but both Raven and Tamsyn do. Tamsyn is the pickiest eater I’ve ever seen in a dog. Funny because once upon a time Jakki was the pickiest eater in our family (and by once upon a time, I mean yesterday).

All three dogs came with us. Over the river through the snow (the GPS knew the way) to Grandma’s new house. For a time on Christmas day we had 8 dogs in the house. More dogs than grandchildren (7). We didn’t get to meet Barb and Dana’s newest (ella) and Lynne and Gary didn’t bring Corky with them or it could have been nine dogs.


Barb and the boy’s played a round of Magic on Christmas Eve. Barb ended up winning the game which was fun for her.

You can see them helping her, it is a very complex game and it takes time to both understand and learn how the game works.

The family gathered together from a great distance this year. We came in from Maryland. Matt came in from Seattle Washington. And Becca came in from Austin Texas. Megan came down from Fort Wayne Indiana. There was a time when family gatherings only had one family traveling (us from Cincinnati) but those times are now long past.


Megan continued her Christmas tradition of making faces at the camera. I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of her making faces at me or the camera in general. At least I hope she was making a face.

It was wonderful (although long) to see everyone. There is a natural connection you have with family that is reassuring. It was also nice to take blast one of the family history project and give it to my sisters and mother. 33.000 pictures of various events, moments and wonderful occurrences in our family history. Plus a 1/3 of those were taken by our Grandfather (Henry O Andersen) and father (Hans O Andersen). In the end that shows the reality of digital photography. I took over Christmas pictures and famliy event pictures in 2002/3 and from that time period to now (roughly 12 years) I’ve taken 20,000 pictures at family events with a few more to come. Digital camera’s in the end are great game changers.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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