Sometimes stepping back allows you to see what was really there in the first place…

DSCF3221Dad teaching a class of science teachers using the inquiry method. The class was in Petchaburi Thailand most like 2008 or 2009. Dad was a great teacher. One of the things that drove me nuts my entire school career was that the teachers I had instructing me were often the very same people that had my father as a teacher. They would start off every year saying “You are very lucky that he is your father.” As a son trying to separate from the legend of a father it isn’t as much fun when you start off like that.

My father was a great man. My father was a great teacher.

My father was a great father. But there were times I wished people wouldn’t say to me “you are so lucky.” Its hard to rebel when everyone thinks your father is perfect. The worst things was Dad knew people said that kind of stuff. He used to tell me “Its not a competition.” He was right. But I was also trying to make my own way – so in the end I couldn’t see what he was saying until many years later.


One of the proudest moments in my father’s life was when he received an honorary Doctorate in Thailand. He beamed for weeks before and weeks after. It does in the end make everyone in the family very proud. People that get honorary degrees do so because of what they have given to the place.

Dad, as I have said loved Thailand. He was alive there both in the climate and the people. He was so honored with that honorary degree. So were the rest of us.

I followed dad into education and was a good teacher. But I didn’t love teaching like my father did. I loved fixing and solving problems with technology. I wandered away from education fairly quickly. I became a computer person in 1991.


Finally a picture of all the honorary degree recipients that day. Day is the second one on the right.

In the end it seems funny now to speak of him in past tense. I hear his voice in my sons all the time. Things he said and ways he said things that they adopted over the many years. The inquiry method ingrained in them as it was in me. The inquiry method works really well in the technology world.

He was a great dad.

Still proud today of that honorary degree dad.

Still think you grew the best tomatoes on earth, also.


Scott Andersen

Former Teacher.

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