Trips to China and Germany (pictures of travels from the past…)


Just to point out how bad the air gets in Shanghai this is as night is falling. The air was really bad the day I took this picture.

China was wonderful. We were in Shanghai working with a fantastic customer and he encouraged us to see the city and the sites. We spent a lot of time just wandering around. Although as you can see from the sky – there was a lot of smog.

We got to see the modern China, growing rapidly. It really was a great trip. China was always a bucket list country for me. I have read about the great empires, the wall and so many other places in the country that it was fantastic to actually see the sites and listen to the sounds of the city. One of those trips you 1/2 go on simply to go, the other half of the trip (intentionally different) was of course business.

We went to the top of the financial tower in Shanghai. That however is a sad story for another day.


This image is of the Shanghai Onion. The building in the middle of the picture looks like an onion. Shanghai is an interesting city that well as you can see also from this picture has an air inversion and therefore air pollution problem.

What a fantastic city.

During my clearance conversation this was the first question asked of me. “I see you’ve been to China twice, why was that?” I have to say that caught me by surprise. Not that they asked that I expected to be quizzed about traveling the world. Rather that in the end it was the only question asked about my years of travel. Why were you in China. When I answered work related for both the inspector asking the questions moved on.

I guess it is a smaller world and still a bigger world than you would expect.

Still the air pollution was really bad.


This picture is from Germany circa 2007. The cigarette vending machine always intrigued me. They are all over Europe and basically un supervised as you can see from this one. You can literally walk up and buy cigarettes. I guess in the end it doesn’t matter how old you are if you can just walk up and buy them.

Most of the other pictures I have are of the German countryside, we stayed near the edge of Munich so we got to walk quite a bit. The other pictures are of the inside of various locations that served German beer.

I went with a really good friend who is a master-brewer so we had a beer tasting experience that was amazing. Andy and I wandered about several times in the city and countryside and had some amazing beer. I also learned about hops, on one of the walks we found some hops actually growing on the side of a house. I hadn’t seen hops in the green phase only in the just before they were dumped into the water to make beer phase so that was a great lesson, and a really fun thing to learn.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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