I acknowledge I am a geek. I love the CES show. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

I am a CES junkie (consumer electronic show). Every year I wonder what is coming, what is possible and what changes that event will bring. The event manages every year to bring one more thing to the market that is unexpected and exciting. There are several things this year that I find very interesting, the first of those is the new Intel offering. Basically a computer for your TV, http://www.zdnet.com/article/ces-2015-intel-introduces-compute-stick-with-atom-quad-core-cpu/ is a link to the news article. You plug this device into the back of your TV like a Chromecast or FireTV Stick and it gives you a computer running right on your TV.

Based on the processor and overall capacity I doubt you will be running CAD-CAM application but you certainly could use your TV as a media hub and use it to create documents and as a processor for remote video calls. The cost is less than an android tablet (projected to be around 149 with Windows and less for the Linux version). Overall the concept of a chip on a stick is interesting and one that I am intrigued by.

I find it interesting that 4k TV’s are all over the CES floor. Every video I have seen has a 4k TV in it. While I certainly find it intriguing that the quality of the viewing experience has improved I struggle with the value of the different from 720 to 1080. I am not sure I have the visual acuity that 4k TV’s will make a difference for me.

Another area that is interesting is the explosion of Home Automation. That is an area not only of personal interest for me but also of professional interest. Home automation allows you to remove many repetitive tasks from your life. Or, improves the overall security of your home when you are away. Once when I traveled overseas I was away for nearly three weeks. When I got back to Indiana, I found two doors that had been left open to the house. The side garage door and the back door of the house were unlocked. Not open inviting someone to walk in, but unlocked and available if someone simply went and turned the knob.

Home automation removes a lot of that risk from your life. First off it does away with the concept of keys. You simply have a code on the main doors to use when you need to get into the house. You can also allow cleaning people and contractors into your house without being there if you so choose. But home automation is more than smart locks and intelligence in the house. Its more than peace of mind.

It is the expansion of the IoT or Internet of things concept into the home. It allows to have a managed home environment that you can operate and manage from your PC or Tablet.

My personal choice for Home Automation is Control4. The system integrates video security with home management and allows me to walk into a lit house at night without having to fumble around in the dark for a light switch. It allows me to check and see if I remembered to close the garage door without turning around and going back to see visually. You can control shades for when it is sunny. You can control lights for when it is dark. You can open and close doors from the living room.

Once again CES has me thinking about new and cool technology.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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