Bowling with twins, relaxing and on vacation–life is a long tale fit into a short story…


As this person quickly found out you have to permanently attach the boy to the ball for this to work. Otherwise as happened in this case the boy and the bowling ball get separated. Luckily a gumming up disaster was avoided in this case as the boy and the ball were separated before they hit the ball return.

When bowling with twins always attach the boy to the ball permanently before rolling the boy down the lane. Otherwise you get the problem in this picture – or worse boy and ball separate in the ball return and you have to get the bowling establishment team engaged to run them both through the ball return separately.

Do note of course that in the end the twin will not like being attached to the ball. Be careful that they don’t ruin the adhesive connection by wiggling. Twins are notorious wigglers. They cannot sit still for even the shortest second without wiggling.

unsorted079Otherwise, I highly recommend Twin Bowling. It is in the end just as much fun as anything else you may try!

This is Barb and Jakki sitting on our couch in Cincinnati. This photo was taken in the front room of our first house on Shafer Avenue Western Hills, a suburb of Cincinnati. Out the window was our small porch. The house was a Dutch Colonial and pretty small. 1.5 bathrooms for the entire house. Getting ready in the morning was a tough situation at times.

We lived in that house from 1994 to 1998. We actually built another house in Mount Airy and moved to that house in 1998. This first house of ours was built in 1932. The previous owner of the house was a former punter for the Cincinnati Bengals. He had only lasted about two years as the punter before he was cut. The house had gorgeous stained glass windows above the doors, and the window behind Barb and Jakki also had stained glass. It was our first house in Cincinnati Ohio. I did hate the kitchen. IT was a galley kitchen and far too small to cook anything in.


Starting on the far right of this picture is Aaron. Next to Aaron is Barb’s friend Nancy. Then you have Becca, Barb and finally at the very end little Jakki. Nancy’s father was a Doctor in Fort Wayne Indiana and they had a cottage on a lake in upstate (north of Fort Wayne near Amish Country.) Nancy had invited us to spend a weekend there and this picture was taken as we arrived on the first day.

It was fun to get away from Bloomington for a weekend. Roughly 6 months or so after this weekend we moved to Cincinnati Ohio.

We took the path less traveled and in the end were all the better for it.



Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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