Way back home in Indiana

This is the view from our back porch in Indiana to the pool and apparently some sort of strange growth on the diving board. Not sure what that growth was unsorted452possibly some of the fungal things you have to spray for. Straight back and just over the trampoline was the railroad trestle. The boys and I climbed that a couple of times over the years. It was a working railroad track.

The coal trains for the Indianapolis Power and Light company’s plant on Harding road actually rolled through those tracks twice a day. When we first moved in it freaked the boys out the loud noise of the train. 11 years later when we moved out it no longer bothered them. Amazing what time and maturity bring to everyone.

To the right of this picture was the retention pond. The neighborhood had four or five of them and we were on the last of the front three. Very scenic and beautiful. A creek ran into the retention pond at the end of our property. It cascaded under the rail road trestle and into the pond.

At that end of the pond was where the Natrix water snakes lived. Nasty little buggers they would strike at you. One time while mowing one struck at the mower. Sadly for the snake the mower wasn’t afraid and that was the end of the snake. I don’t like killing creatures, it bothers me and it bothered me that I couldn’t reach fast enough (I was on the riding mower) to avoid the snake. But as I said they were certainly nasty little buggers.


The same pool just a little to the right. You can see the retaining pond in its full glory. The cool thing about that pond was the family of beavers that moved in one year. Sadly one of the beavers was killed by a car on the road that is at the far end of this picture (you really can’t see Olive Branch raceway but it is there).


There is the beaver the picture taken on a different day of course. He or she is in our neighbors yard. We had the best neighbors (The Cohen’s) and when they moved out so did a lot of the cool factor of the neighborhood. They moved out about a year before we did. They were as I said the best neighbors for ten years!

Interestingly even though we lived reasonably close to the woods (about two miles South) in the end we see a lot more wildlife in Maryland than we did in Indiana. We just have to pop about a mile down the road near out house to find a lake filled with beavers. Or literally go on our evening walk and encounter deer crossing the road. We actually live in a much more populated area but the rules around the planned communities is green space. Just a little bit of green allows the animals to maintain their habitats somewhat. The down side is we’ve seen four deer hit by cars now while walking. It makes Nick sad.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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