Another Shameless Review – Canary

Canary is a crowd funded home video and environment system. It was delayed considerably (originally slated for almost a year ago). Its arrival two weeks ago was an exciting moment (I believe in crowd funding).

The unit arrived in a wonderfully designed box. When shipping audio or video equipment you worry about shaking during shipping but that wasn’t the case with the wonderful canary case. Placement of a video camera is important. I have the exceptional Hawkcam for the basement (sorry no pictures but you can imagine why). The Hawkcam is a quick set-up point at the target and go video system. For the front door area though I needed more than simply seeing the door. Our entry way has a few obstacles and I needed a system that not only zoomed but also once the video was on allowed you to pan within the video itself.

What I really love:

  • Packing was awesome!
  • The unit just looks cool.
  • Easy to connect to power.
  • Like the Hawkcam you can set it up from your mobile device. I can’t tell you how much of a killer feature that is.
  • Video field is wider than other cameras in its market space (nearly 180 degrees full).
  • Nice HD
  • easy to record video
  • Intelligence built into the software – you can tell the software when the movement in the space is pet’s people or best of all when something bad is happening it includes an alarm.
  • The software is awesome. I am running it on my Android Tablet and my iPhone/Ipad.

What I would like to see improved:

  • Non USB based power supply

My initial impression is amazing. When you connect to the camera you get a screen that allows you to scroll down to view events the Canary has captured or to press the watch live button. When you scroll down to view events Canary allows you to determine or classify the events so that it can learn. By my front door my other alarm system operates (all three dogs) so they are frequently running to the door during the day. I can identify pet movement and put an all’s clear in the software so it knows its just the dogs.

The home screen also tells me the CO2 levels, temperature and humidity of the house. Overall this is an amazing device and adds to my home security infrastructure. If you need a system you can zoom, pan and have coverage for a large area I recommend the Canary. In the simple, quick point and shoot security requirement buy the Hawkcam.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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