Move along this couch is property Labrador nation…

Raven was complaining last night that her picture wasn’t featured more on the blog. I really didn’t have a good answer and threats were made so here is a 945A0002picture of her majesty Raven the second Labrador Queen of our house. Like the first Labrador queen there is a sense of honor and order within her majesty’s pose. Raven is a wonderful addition to our family. She is a bit more in control than Dylan or Tamsyn. Well a lot more in control.

Raven’s catch phrase “Move along this is not the couch you were looking for.”

Recently when Dylan and Tamsyn have been playing I tell Raven separate them. She runs over and stands between the two wrestling dogs and barks at them to let them know to stop. That is a trick she learned after only being told to do it twice so I am impressed.

My very favorite Raven trick is when she yells at the boys. She actually tips her head back and yells at them. It is beyond funny. The boys don’t like it much and she doesn’t do it all the time, but when she yells at them I lavish praise on her – simply because it makes me laugh. The couch has been hers since the second day she moved in.


Dylan on the other hand is still not a huge fan of pictures. I am not sure why. Raven and Tamsyn are hams posing for pictures and being part of everything. Dylan remains more aloof and while he loves to cuddle he is more picky about how often he cuddles. Normally for him it is when everything is settled down for the night and we are relaxing as a family, then he snuggles. He also likes to cuddle during family movie night.

The two of them have become a bonded pair. They do everything together and frankly it is hilarious. Raven is the master of the house and Dylan is the chief security officer. They have split primary walking responsibilities as far as getting dad out of the house on the walk, walk walk. Dylan is still directly in charge of dad however in the walk preparation period. Raven is directly responsible for the boys.

This is a frequent Lab couchification positions in these two photos.


Tamsyn changes the play dynamic and I will share pictures of her and the other two playing. This is the Raven/Dylan play fighting that occurs every day. Mostly right about time for the walk or time for their dinner. It is hilarious that we go on the walk, come home and they both expect to be fed. (well now all three do).

Dogs can and do change everything. (if you love dogs and haven’t read the wonderful the Divinity of Dogs – get it, frankly a wonderful book about dogs and their impact).

The only dog problem we have in our house in the end is the size of our couch. It once (when we got it) seemed too big. Adding two dogs to the mix has made the couch seem small and confining now. Perhaps we should hire someone to install a whole room couch. Then we wouldn’t have to share with Labradors. Because today when I get up to get a drink of water there is a Lab in my spot when I return. Dylan will move, Raven just glares at me.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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