What did you guys have for dinner? “Fish sticks”

Pictures from Holland in 2009. I was there working with Heineken. Two week in Holland and I have to say it was an amazing trip. I got to see more of Holland IMG_0118than I had the previous two times I had been. I also got to explore the area I was staying. The only downside was that there were only two restaurants near where I was staying. One inside the Marriott Courtyard and the other in the bowling alley next door. I found out the second night that the bowling alley had great food. So I ate there a couple of nights. I was within a brisk walk of Haarlem as well so I ate there a couple of evenings on the weekends. (it was about 3 miles brisk walk one way). This is from my 2009 trip to Holland.

Holland remains one of my favorite places to visit and Amsterdam remains one of my all time favorite cities. Behind my hotel was a recreation lake where people would swim in the summer. I was still running then so even though it wasn’t swimming weather it was perfect running weather.

I also got to try Ice Cold Heineken. I wish they would bring that variety to the US. It was without a doubt a fantastic beer experience!


On one trip to Seattle back in 2004 all the Redmond hotels were booked for a Microsoft event so I ended up staying near Lake Union on the North side of Seattle. The commute back to the hotel was terrible crossing the bridge over the lake at night but the hotel had a wonderful view.

Lake Union is where a lot of the seaplanes are based. They are in the harbor below. There is also a location of my favorite steak house in Seattle, and of the four locations I’ve been two this is one of my top two. The lake union Daniel’s Broiler. My all time favorite Seattle restaurant is Wild Ginger and the black chicken wine but that was a long time ago.

The hotel had overbooked so my reservation got upgraded to a suite. It had the most glorious patio that was the size of 8 or 9 normal hotel patios put together. I enjoyed a couple cigars out on that patio with friends.

Traveling was hard – makes me realize how much harder it was on my dad. He didn’t get to call very often and he was usually gone for a month at a time. I was usually gone for 1 to at the most 3 weeks and I could call every day. That makes a difference when you can call every day. You remain connected to the day to day operations of the family.


The city of Istanbul Turkey from 2006. This was from the top of the hotel I have quite a few others. This was the only trip I made to Istanbul. Great trip working with a great team and customers. I got to try Turkish Coffee on the banks of the river leading to the Bosporus Straights. I got to touch the great wall of Constantinople. It is a city that presents and old and a new face. The history of the city is quite amazing.

My hotel had a restaurant and lounge on the top floor.

The city reminded me of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Where having a car wasn’t always an advantage when it came to getting around the city. In fact having a car could be a deterrent sometimes.

Those, were the days. I learned a valuable life lesson then. Never call your family and talk about the wonderful five course meal you’ve just eaten as many times with young kids they are cleaning up after eating fish sticks.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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