Cake, Piano and the Beach. Never however forget the bear. If you do there will be tears…


We took the kids on the Disney Cruise for a vacation when they were young. Every night our serving crew would come by our table ask make sure everything was ok. The way the ship worked you went to each of the really nice restaurants once and had the same crew of serving staff each time.

The first time they came by and asked Barb and I was everything ok we said fantastic. Then they asked do you need anything else. Lukey shouted “Cake.” He liked cake before that trip but on that trip Cake became an obsession. Every meal he tried different kinds of cake.

On the last night of the cruise the serving crew sings for everyone. In our cake they simply chanted “Cake” everyone at our table (once we explained the why) had a great laugh. Lukey got CAKE so in the end he was laughing as well. Here he is being cruelly forced to wait for everyone else to have cake and is imploring the photographer to let him eat the cake in front of him.


Music is a huge part of our lives. I personally listen to music at work and in my home office all the time. It helps me concentrate. When we first moved to Greenwood Jakki took piano lesson’s for awhile. She was pretty good – long fingers and all. But her passion was taking pictures. (she is really good at taking pictures, much better than I am. She has my father’s knack for taking the right picture at the moment).

This is from her recital.

Jakki is an amazing artist. She takes projects she sees on the Internet and gets the boys involved in them. They always turn out some of the most amazing art work. They made custom plates that you can eat on with some of their favorite (and my favorite Minions from the movie Despicable Me. I am a huge Steve Carell Fan and I think the two Despicable Me movies are simply amazing. I just also love the side characters.)

You never know what the next fun project she will undertake. The boys love it as well. They enjoy working with their big sister and frankly I am amazed at how often she simply tells them to do something and they do it. Not complaining or doing it because they are scared of her, but simply because she asked them to.


This is a picture from the Indiana Dunes in 2005. We went back in 2010 the summer before we moved to Maryland. There are a couple of things that you will notice. First off, the camera Barb had back in 2005 was not a great film camera so comparisons are not fair at best. You can see that it wasn’t a great camera in the framing. The picture is framed well visually but the lens of the camera broke up a little on the edges.

Barb took Jakki and Da Boys to meet our dear friends the Hussongs. Joan and Jock are actually the boys God parents and live in Cincinnati Ohio.

I was off traveling somewhere in the world and missed this trip. Actually I was in Chicago and just couldn’t make it around the lake to join them. This is the trip with the Honey Bear incident. On the way home they stopped at the Chucky Cheeses in Merrillville Indiana. Honey Bear, Luke’s great love was left in the booth by accident. That was Wednesday afternoon. By the time (that night) they realized Honey Bear was missing Lukey was in tears. He loved that bear. I ended up stopping on my way home from Chicago Friday and poor Barb had two nights of a boy in tears. All was well in the end.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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