Is he still suspended in mid-air? Andersen’s interpretation of Schrödinger’s cat experiment…

Side note between posting my blog yesterday am (around 10 am I run late on the weekends) and this mornings post we had 10 inches of snow. The boys, Jakki, the dogs and I all went for a walk in the snow yesterday afternoon.


We had the incredible opportunity to spend an afternoon at Xcarate. What a wonderful place. Here is Jakki perched on the steps of an actual Mayan temple. I was a fantastic about the Mayan and Aztec cultures from a very early age. I made my grandparents take us to Azetlan a place in Wisconsin where they have discovered Aztec tools and materials meaning that the Aztecs could have had a much larger empire than originally projected.

The Mayan’s predate the Aztecs and frankly based on their calendar I loved their civilization. The thing that drew me in first was the fact that the world ended on my birthday. 12-21-2012. The world didn’t end that day in fact it was a fairly nice day in Maryland – no snow. My world came to a crashing halt the next day (12-22) when I came down with an inner ear infection. Maybe what the Mayan’s were projecting was the end of my non-ear infection days.

What an amazing culture building these amazing buildings and then for all intents and purposes stopping. There are still people that can draw their genetic heritage back to the Mayans but for all intents and purposes their culture ended long before the Spanish set foot on the new world.

There is another version of this picture with Jakki and Nick. I like this one because it show the entire temple and where Jakki was in relation, the one of her and Nick is more of a close up.


As you can see from this picture taken from Willowcove Cincinnati Ohio (we didn’t have a living room or a dining room in the house we had a couch and a massive toy room) even back then they loved playing any game with Jakki. They still do to this day. They delight in hanging out with their big sister.

When they started playing video games they really wanted initially to beat me. Then the most important goal of video games was to beat Jakki. They became quite adept in the end at taking me out. Jakki however, gamer girl!, can in many games still kick their buts. She has wisely learned to stay away from the boys when it comes to first person shooters for the most part. They tend towards quick and effective at those games. But the simple joy they have found with their big sister is amazing. Of course she puts in the time and effort to be a part of their lives so you get what you sow as my father always used to say.


“Look ma no hands.” Finally because it is cold and I am so tired of snow, we will end today with a picture of the summer. This is taken from the terraced yard area towards the pool and beyond the pool the pond at hour house in Indiana.

Barb found those swim suits for the boys early on. They kept their heads up right so that when they went in the water they didn’t have to struggle. They quickly using those suits gained confidence and we later had a person giving lessons in our pool for them. They are pretty good swimmers.

Mid-jump Nick is neither on the diving board or in the water. I suspect if he were a cat we would have included a box in this picture so that we would never know – does he stay in mid-air or land in the water?


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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