Tell us of the great journeys we took when we were little, dad.


This is one of my favorite pictures of Nick when he was little. On the beach at Xcaret (Cancun Mexico). Covered in sand standing inside the yellow. Behind him the wonderful beach at Xcaret. A place you can’t have sun screen or anything unnatural on you, it is q place for the permanent residents not the visiting humans.

I love this pictures. It has been framed and hanging on our wall for years. (well 10 years). I feel like “Puff the Magic Dragon” sometimes because the little boys in the pictures I’ve been sharing aren’t little anymore. Lukas is about an inch shorter than I am and Nick is about 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than me. I was taller than my dad when I was 17, and we are coming up on that milestone in about a month for the boys.

As parents you arm your children with the intelligence to face the world, the compassion to care about those around them and the love and understanding that other people and they will make mistakes. That is a parents job. Raising children is hard work. But it is also a wonder and joy that fills your heart with moments you will never forget.

Plus you get to hang out and watch some pretty cool people grow up.



The same picture I shared recently of Jakki on the Mayan temple stairs. The first one shows Jakki and Nick perched on the stairs ready for adventure.

The second picture shows poor Luke conked out.

We ran that day at Xcaret. We wandered around the sand and wondered at the animals and the buildings. We sat by the ocean and just had a blast.

And of course we zonked when we needed to.

Our family vacations often involve going to the ocean. That is a big East Coast thing – you go to the beach when you have time off. I guess even though we grew up in the Midwest we were destined to be East coasters.

Bound for the ocean on vacation. Honking our horns and cutting other drivers off. Because our vacation (or work) is the most important vacation or work on the road. (That last bit may be harsh but sometimes it feels like drivers are too aggressive in the DC area).


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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