And there he goes, right into that disgusting lake…

My daughter was able to catch the pictures of me falling into the pond when we lived in Indiana (nice…maybe). She reminded me of my falling into the IMG_3463disgusting pond water many times. So I thought I would put this up for her entertainment.

When we got the kayak I thought it would be fun to roll around the pond to test it out. Sadly I ended up in the disgusting water. Which by the way not only smelled but of course was populated by snakes that love to bite humans (brown water snake) and large alligator turtles.

I went down in the shallow end near our house. It was filled with construction dirt from the subdivision that was about a 1/2 mile away and had just finished the last house. The dirt sadly had moved along the creek into our pond so we had a sand bar at our end of the pond.

I hit the sandbar with the front of the kayak and went over like a log.


This picture is from Andersen Mission control right before we launched the rocket. It actually flew better than the model predicted or the 8 year layoff from the last time I launched to this launch was worse than I thought.  I suspect the latter but you can never be sure.

We ended up clearing the entire field and passed over the boys Elementary school with our first launch. It took us nearly an hour to find the rocket.

Mostly I think he wind was blowing harder than we originally thought. I had input a 5 mile per hour wind into the calculator and in the end I think the wind was closer to 10 mph. That difference made the landing calculations off by roughly 25%. The wind mostly affecting a rocket after the parachute deploys. Still it was a blast. Our first launch as a family. For me it was my 100th or so launch including school teacher launches and personal launches.


Here is a great picture of Nick. He is the mechanical take things apart kid. He loves trying to figure out how things work. He struggles sometimes with the why people do things part but he loves the simple reality of putting things together. Its fun to watch him figure stuff out.

This picture was taken about 10 years ago and is from the back porch of my parents old house in Bloomington Indiana. Noting the clothes I suspect this is a late spring/early summer event that was held at the house. Mom and dad hosted the major family events at their house. In the beginning we lived in Cincinnati (about 2.5 hours away) so we were always the late ones to events. Later when we moved to Greenwood it was less to travel but we were still always the late ones to family events. I guess late doesn’t always mean distance was involved.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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