I haven’t done random thoughts posts in awhile so here goes…

For some reason the pictures we have right now beg for waiting rather than publishing so I am not and have not done a picture blog for the past few days. I will be sharing pictures again, just waiting for critical mass.

Sometimes the pictures inspire something that isn’t quite there yet (not enough pictures) so for now we will wait.

So today Random thoughts:

  • The boys and I on the walk were discussing the new LOTR films. I actually posted my full thoughts on the films including the hobbit on my other blog. First off let me say that 16 year olds are a blast to walk with. They have ideas and concepts now, understand a little of the world ahead of them and they both read like crazy. Its fun to listen to how they think through things. The discussion on the LOTR and Hobbit films was a blast.
  • I can’t tell you, on our walks, how many cars have cut us off as we prepared to cross the street. First off, DC and Maryland both have pedestrian laws that say we are always right. Plus if we are in the crosswalk they have to stop, period. Yet they cut us off nearly once a week. The driver looks back at us with an apologetic look but its bad. I wish someone could convince DC area drivers that driving a car means you can injure someone.
  • I am loving the smart car so far. It doesn’t do as well in wind as the Mini-Coopers do, but to date (2 full weeks) I am averaging 44 miles to the gallon. THa tis a 20 mile per gallon improvement over the Minis or basically almost a 50% reduction in fuel charges. Add to that gas prices at recent lows and I am saving nearly 70% now over what I was spending in the summer for traveling. Plus I was hating where I was going in July. So it’s a good thing.
  • My favorite talk radio show is Mike and Mike in the morning. What do we need to do to get ESPN to make them an all day everyday show? I love the way the show is, the humor and the fun way they discuss both sides of many sports issues.
  • Installed a new router, should have been bang-bang and instead frankly it has been a pain ever since. I am at 60% functionality. ARRRGGGHH.
  • There is no I in team. But there is an I on the teams I am on.
  • I posted a why are meetings hard post on Linkedin. (link is here).
  • I find it hard to understand why specialization sometimes produces broad expertise. You focus on one thing and suddenly everything around that one thing is in your core expertise. Seriously? Specialization means you are good at the one thing. Everything around that one thing is your IMHO. You aren’t an expert. Geez. I can’t say how much that drives me crazy.
  • To talk you have to listen. To listen you have to hear.
  • Driving isn’t a blood sport.
  • What did I do with all these random thoughts before I had a blog to post them on? Or was I saving them waiting for a blog so I could get them all out and at some point there won’t be any more in my head? I wonder.

Like I said picture blogs will return after a brief Hiatus. The family history project is marching on. 6600 pictures scanned. 10870 slides scanned. With the one’s we haven’t started on and the ones we still have coming I suspect we have 15000 scans to go. So we are well past 1/2 way. The minions groan when I tell them there are more pictures coming.

But someday, when they want to remember their childhoods or moments that were long forgotten they will have the images to do so. Perhaps I should write a book called the 10 scans of when you were little.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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