The many faces of Quilly, ne Jaguar, ne Jacqueline, ne Dangerous Dan, ne The Bean


The face of vegetation, relaxation perhaps even happiness. When Jakki was little we moved to our house on Shaffer Avenue. Jakki was just about seven months old when we moved. So for all intents and purposes she has spent the majority of her life living in one house or another. The first few months of her life she lived in an apartment but I doubt she remembers that.

Barb’s folks Les and Joan Ralstin came to visit us often. They needed a place to sleep so they picked out this sleeper sofa (and nicely paid for it as well). This became Jakki’s favorite place to be. When she was sick she would pop the movie “Free Willy” into the VCR and lie on the other end of the couch. When she wasn’t sick she would veg on this end of the couch (where she is now). The face you see is the first face of Jakki, happy and relaxed. As a young child Jakki says she was traumatized by car rides. We had a manual transmission car at that point. I used to do first gear (shift the car) second gear (shift the car) and third gear (shift the car) then on fourth gear I would tickle Jakki’s knees. unsorted012I never thought about that game until one day my mother called when Jakki was visiting her. She was concerned that Jakki may in fact be developmentally delayed. She counted one, two, three, five. In fact she refused to say 4. I explained the game to my mother and laughed. To this day in the car Jakki won’t count past three.

Here is the full relax and ba-ba face. For those times when the rough and ready Dangerous Dan had a long day and just needed some milk time. Same location on the couch but now instead of veg’ing/relaxing The Bean here is in full leave me alone I have my bottle I don’t need you people mode.

We knew better than disturb The Bean when the ba-ba face was there. Here she is watching TV and drinking. Probably watching Barney knowing the age and preferences back then.


This is the “that’s not dad in the hallway is it” face.  This first episode of young Quilly is from Shaffer Avenue (in Western Hills, a suburb of Cincinnati Ohio). Our star is between 2 and 4 years old in these pictures. Shortly after moving to Shaffer Avenue the Bean began to walk. That was the first appearance of Dangerous Dan, Dangerous Dan always had a plan. It was never a good plan, nor was it ever a good idea. The first Dangerous Dan plan was trying to get her walker up the stairs. Before there was a child poof gate and then over the child proof gate the second, third and fourth time.

You could always tell when Dangerous Dan was around. Jakki got really quiet, which was never a good sign and her bottle would be on the floor in the living room. You had to find her quickly because frankly when Dangerous Dan was around there was always a plan, there was always danger and the combination was never good. You see no matter what I always knew Dangerous Dan had a plan.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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