Images of Ohio now more than 15 years old…


5776 Willow Cove Cincinnati Ohio. We built the house to our specifications over the spring and moved into the house in August. Little did we know that we would be moving out less than a year later. But this was the house as we were moving in in 1998.

We loved our neighbors and the neighborhood, we just got the chance to move closer to family and friends in Indiana. With young twins the support of family was critical.

We lived in Cincinnati Ohio from 1991 to 1999. It was a great time, Jakki and the boys were born in Ohio. They are the first Buckeyes in our family. We moved to Cincinnati Ohio for Barb’s job and then moved backed to Indiana for my job. I guess in the end everything that goes around comes around.

It was a grand house.


On the right side is Gwen. Yes, that is her I am playing catch stance. Gwen wasn’t he happiest dog on earth. I suspect in the end she was abused before we adopted her. Then sadly her primary care giver used to scream at everyone in the house when it came time to walk her or feed her. So in the end she was fairly traumatized.

This was how she played catch.

The picture is of the backyard of our house see above from the front.

Attack catch I used to call it. And if she got the ball that was the last time you ever saw that ball unless you were able to wrestle it away from her. But based n what was around her I don’t blame her.

Gwen and I used to take long walks. I have learned over the years that dogs respond better to long walks than they do to not having long walks. Gwen in unsorted867particular needed to have long walks to calm her down and get her focused again on being part of a family. Gwen calmed down when we moved to Indiana and the screaming abated after a time.

Today ends with a nap. This picture taken of the back bedroom of the house above where we had the boys room.

Never wake a sleeping baby.

When you have twins and one baby wakes up so does the other baby. Every time. Without fail. Seriously. It gets loud. Then like everything else they get a little older and now you couldn’t get them out of bed in the morning without lights, a cattle prod and loud crashing noises.

My father used to say when asked “how tall is your son” he would smile that wry smile of his and say “about ten inches, unless he is reading then the book adds another 4 inches of height.”

It’s all part of being a teenager.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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