Shameless Review–Smart Car

We recently added a Smart Car to the family. With Jakki driving now and me driving to Virginia we wanted to reduce the cost of gas spend on a monthly basis. We were considering a number of vehicles and weren’t going to buy one until the end of March. But that all changed when we walked into the Smart Dealership in Germantown and they had the perfect car for us.

What I really love about the car:

  • Its cute
  • Sips gas (so far averaging 44 mpg in the past 30 days)
  • fits into any parking spot
  • speakers are well placed cars radio sounds perfect
  • Car drives well – automatic and manual
  • visibility for the driver is very good – one blind spot on each side of the car that you can fix the mirrors to resolve.
  • brakes are good at fast stops
  • It is a convertible – very nice when the weather returns to warmer
  • turning radius are you kidding me? nearly inside a single lane. Amazing

What I don’t like:

  • Due to the smaller engine – it does tend to lag during automatic shifting
  • Most turtles can beat the car to 60 mph which isn’t bad except in really aggressive driving areas. Then you just don’t move fast enough.
  • Its small and bigger cars have no problem just cutting you off
  • A decent wind will push the car hard

Gasoline prices are not going to stay below 2.50 a gallon. I can live with the things I don’t like. You can prepare for wind and the acceleration is simply a planning issue as to when you get into the lane. Getting cut off is frustrating but in the end I am working on not reacting to aggressive drivers it isn’t in the end my problem it is there problem.

The Smart car we got is not a stock car. We added an aftermarket (Panasonic) GPS and Radio to the car. The rest of the car is factory installed. The heated seats are a nice addition.

It is a great commuter car. Great gas mileage and other than two spots on my commute I don’t have to worry about wind. Overall the car is a great addition to the family stable. It isn’t a car for the whole family just the car to get one or two people somewhere. It handles very well and even in high wind situations it is for the most part stable.

Overall if you are looking for a zip in and out of traffic commuter car – this is the one for you.

Our gasoline costs per week went from 44 dollars a week to 17 (comparable gas price per gallon as well) At one point we were with gas well over 3 dollars a gallon heading towards 60 bucks a week. Did I mention the car glows in the dark?


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow?

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