Sean Thank you for being a friend!

My buddy Sean. The only man to be a best man at my weddings (sadly there were two of those. Can I erase the first one and pretend in the end it didn’t album690happen turn back time and all?)

Sean and I hung out, looked for nice girls and on Saturday nights we and a bunch of friends would go dancing. We were in the end both looking for nice people to settle down with and start families. Both Sean an I really wanted to have kids. My lovely wife was working at an event with Sean (her daughter was going to the school Sean was teaching at). During the event Barb asked Sean do you know any good guys. He said no, but there is always my roommate (me).

The next phase of Sean’s plan was inviting Barb to go dancing with us. There was something there although what it was you can never be sure. I had just broken up with a girl (we dated for about a month so it wasn’t serious. Well it was serious but she had gone through a nasty bitter divorce so in the end she couldn’t commit and I understand). Sean invited Barb over for dinner since I was planning on cooking that night. I hadn’t told him that I was also making reward chocolate chip cookies for my kids. So the kitchen was a mess when Barb got there. I was making potato soup and we started talking. She asked me about my ideal woman. I described what I thought was her based on Sean’s various descriptions. Barb looked at me and said “too bad Jesus isn’t a woman.” That was 25 years ago October 15th 1990. We were married within 8 months of that moment. But we’ve been together ever since that moment.

Sean and I shared a house for a few years. After I got divorced (My ex and Sean, as well as my ex and my dad didn’t get along – I should have TAKEN THAT AS A HUGE DANGER WARNING, DANGER WARNING sign). First we rented a house from a professor that we painted the interior of. We then got an apartment on 6th street in Bloomington Indiana. The apartment was 1/2 a house. The other half was occupied by college students who only cleaned when they moved out so the house was invested with Cockroaches and Mice. We had to have traps for each all over the apartment.

He and I used to play two on two basketball every Saturday and Sunday. We both worked at BDLC for a couple of years and at one point we actually had a streak of what we called “doing lunch” how far away from BDLC could we get in the 30 minutes we got for lunch. We would run out, get fast food and run back eating in the car on the way back.

Over the years he and I did a number of pranks. Both on each other and anyone that got in our way. Bob DeGrof whose photo I shared yesterday was involved in them as well. We didn’t involve Bob’s then wife and soon to be Ex-Wife as she didn’t have a sense of humor. She was also our boss although frankly she fit into my really bad boss category then and now is in the bottom 3 bosses all time.

It was however fun. For a time Sean was dating Ruth (nearly two years). Ruth was an interesting person. In the end it was not meant to be and they broke up. They met at a Single Divorced Remarried Catholics event (SDRC) in Bloomington. Sean and I used to go to those (Sean is Catholic by birth and practice) and dance. Sean loves to dance. He does the best Mick Jaeger impression.

We still try to see each other when I got back to Bloomington. Still friends all these years and now miles later.

Thank you for being a friend!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow!

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