In the end it was not meant to be and I am over it.

Apparently my mother and sisters worry about the person on the right side of this picture. It is telling by the way the reality of the family history project. I album783was married once before my current marriage. The person on the right is my ex-wife Maureen. I have not seen nor heard from her in many years. In the end I don’t care that I don’t see or hear from her.

In fact the family history project revealed something to me. I took 786 pictures from the time I was born to the time I divorced Maureen. That is 28 years of my life. In that time I took 786 pictures. My father took roughly 12000 pictures in the same time period. Since I met and married Barb (now 25 years heading towards half my life) I have taken more than 70,000 pictures.

Mom I think that should answer the question. I am as they say over it, and I’ve moved on. I was never the person Maureen wanted to be with. In the end, she wasn’t the person I needed to be with, either.


I do however miss this little person. Loch Nessa. What a great dog. She was mom’s dog and you knew it. From the minute she walked into the house and took charge. My father had a strange penchant for naming dogs really weird names Loch Nessa or Nessie as we called her being an HOA special.

In the best sense of full disclosure my daughter and I name dogs after literary characters and writers/poets we love so we aren’t any better.

Nessie didn’t like children much and she was around as the grandchildren began appearing at my parents house. Nessie was very prim and proper and expected things to be done a certain way. If you violated that way there was no rule against Nessie letting you know normally by nipping you. Never hard mind you or breaking the skin just enough to remind you that in the end she was in charge.

I do miss Loch Nessa.


Image of my father – the grill master. Dad loved his full beard. He wavered back and forth with the beard or without the beard for many years. He was always the grill master. There were many holidays including winter months where dad would stand outside in the freezing cold and grill the most fantastic whatever he was grilling.

My dad was the best crown roast griller ever.

From embedding garlic into the meat to the spices he used it was always amazing. As was his salsa that he created by hand amazing. Dad was a good cook. He introduced me to a number of grilling techniques and food preparation tips over the years. Dad and mom together in the kitchen always fascinated me. They worked so well together on cooking projects. Dad cutting the vegetables that mom would use in something. The two of them a constant banter back and for the as they prepared whatever they were making.

Those were the days…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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