Of children sleeping (don’t WAKE THEM). Of mothers and daughters…

Sometimes the adult concept time and place don’t apply. Like when it is nap time. Nap time supersedes any other activity. I love that about kids. They run and album014run until suddenly they drop where they are and sleep. Adult rules don’t fit. The funny this is we have this same picture a few years later of the boys doing the same thing.

Jakki was too active to sleep in her high chair. When she was done she used to go over to the couch and lie down. We knew she was sick when Free Willy was popped into the VCR.

Anyway we should be really quiet and let this poor thing sleep. Obviously exhaustion waiting for mom to serve dinner. Thank goodness we haven’t found pictures of me doing this yet. Then my ability to take the low-road and make fun of everyone else would go away. That wouldn’t be fun for me.

Funny thing – the other day in a conversation someone asked me do you miss teaching. I said no right away. I don’t miss not making any money. But I do miss the wonder of kids. When a kid struggling to understand something suddenly gets it, there is magic in the air. I miss that.

The great tragedy we have in this country is that we don’t honor our teachers. In Thailand they call their teacher Adjan which means honored teacher.


The bean and her stop taking my picture face. I think this one was of her doing homework. There was a time when the amount of time dedicated to homework was well less than optimal. Now she is a focused driving student trying to graduate. But for awhile that wasn’t the case.

Not sure what she was Queen of. By this time Francine had appeared on the scene and as far as I know Francine was always the queen. She (Francine) also often told Jakki that she in fact was the queen. It remains one of my favorite stories walking up to Jakki’s room and seeing the mess. It was mostly a mess from the time she was about 14 on. I walked over looked in and started to walk away. Fran looked at me, looked at the room and took two steps in. So I followed her not the messy room. Fran than to proceeded to point out all the hidden food in the room.

That happened a few more times until Jakki got smart and shared with Fran before she ratted her out. It drove Jakki nuts that her dog ratted her out so fast.

They had that kind of whose in charge now relationship.

I do so miss Fran.


We end with a picture of that little girl in the chair all growed up. This is Barb in her 20’s a picture taken by her Mother Joan Ralstin.

As the picture above of Jakki was taken by her mother Barb Andersen. I think Barb wanted the picture I know Jakki had her don’t take my picture face on.

They actually have the same cheek bones and the same smile although you couldn’t tell in either of the first two pictures that in fact they have the same smile.

Pictures are funny in the end. They are of a single moment in time. A slice of a second. Immutable they stand and sit and lie forever in that moment. That moment never existed before nor will it ever exist again. It is a tale flat on a piece of paper of what someone at one second felt was worth capturing – now captured forever.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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