Today is an amazing day. I can’t believe based on the beginning that the journey lasted this long.

The Happy Part of Today…

I am going to start with happy today. 17 years ago these two little travelers came to spend time with us. I can honestly say that their appearance and lives album001have changed ours so much for the better. I told my students 25 years ago about a pair of twins named Fred and Ed. The things the boys got into made for wonderful stories. Twins being a novelty and a rarity. Then Nick and Luke arrived. Luke first at 4:30 am plus or minus minute or so. Nick 10 minutes later at 4:40 am March 30th 1998. We had spent the previous 33 weeks convinced we were going to lose baby b (nick). It was a harrowing experience. Barb was on bed rest from the 14th week of the pregnancy.

They were both in the NICU of the hospital where they were born for the first two weeks of their lives. It was a frazzling experience to say the least  for all of us. Barb spent the first 10 days of their life with them in the hospital for the most part half exhausted, half elated. Jakki, Becca and I went to the hospital every day after school until they came home.

Joan and Jock Hussong our dear friends were asked to be the boys God Parents. Jock came to the NICU and recited the old English poem Beowulf to the boys from memory as he rocked and fed one of the boys. I remember walking into the corner of the NICU were they had album003the boys. There was always a funny smell. The Nurses would say its not us. Then one of the boys would let loose and we realized what the smell was. Oh the joys of formula based flatulence.

They grow up so fast. Here are they before a big event dressed up and ready to go. Nick has on what he called “his dancing shoes.” The deck behind them in Greenwood Indiana. We moved from Cincinnati back to Indiana to be closer to family when the boys were born. Barb had come home to be a stay at home parent about a year and a half before the boys were born. She wanted to be with Jakki as she grew up. I don’t blame her. I wanted to stay home as well but well at the time had a better income potential so I worked. These two little guys are the coolest little guys I’ve ever had a chance to be around. They blow Fred and Ed out of the water. First off because they have done m,any more things than I ever envisioned twins doing. Second because they are interesting, funny and in the end just a blast to be around. I can’t imagine the impact the two of them are going to have on the world. They are amazing young men and I am incredibly proud of both of them.

The Sad Part of Today

When the boys were in process of arriving the Doctor told us they would arrive in May. My mother told everyone that based on my arriving and ruining her 4th wedding anniversary that trend would continue and the boys would share her birthday in May. In the end they had different plans, which if you are ever around twins you will realize twins and different plans is actually de rigor. The boys arrived on March 30th 1998. That happened to be my father’s 63rd birthday. For 16 years we celebrated that common birthday. Today is the first one without dad. Dad would have been 80 years old.

Today is also the day my career took a detour that in the end was scary. More about that tomorrow when my year is officially over.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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