Fruit trees, Thai beaches and change…


If there was a fruit tree within 100 miles of where we were dad would find it. Then he would start asking questions determining if he could plant one and grow them. Over the years dad planted apples, walnuts, pears and many other fruit and nut trees. One spring day dad and I wandered out to the property he had just bought out in the hills. He said he had a fun activity for us to do. We ended up digging 100 holes and planting 100 apple, pear and nut trees. I never really did understand my dad’s idea of fun.

It really wasn’t that fun to plant all those trees that day.

He also planned asparagus and grew the best tomatoes ever. His concept as a scientist was to create sustainable places where humans and other creatures could exist, eat and survive. The great solar movement in Germany and slowly here in the US was something I am sure he had his eye on.

album482I suspect based on the tree and the fruit that this picture came from a visit to Thailand. It is connected to a number of other pictures of Thailand.

A beach somewhere in Thailand. I am not sure this is Thailand but the Beach looks a lot like the ones I grew up with so I am guessing Thailand. Again there were a number of slides and pictures of Thailand from the same time period this picture was taken.

We used to spent weekends often when we lived in Thailand at Pataya. Playing cricket on a sand bar and having crab fresh from the ocean. We explored the beaches and the area around the cottages we stayed at. It kind of reminded me of the cottages my grandparents had at Lake Ripley. They were much larger than the cottages at Ripley but it was the same concept.


When we lived in Thailand it was much older. The buildings were often very old. Now it is a mix of old and new. But it is well mixed rather than simply thrown together.

Not sure where this is in Thailand but it fits with the timeline of mom and dad being there.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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