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Back to a Kickstarter and Indiegogo blog.

First off this time are a couple of really interesting Kickstarter projects.

Cordless 3d print finishing tool:

If you are doing freehand or printer based 3d printing there are bits left over. This tool is designed to help you finish your creation and remove the extra plastic quickly and effectively. Actually a very cool idea and concept. I really like the way they designed the tool and considered the fact that you need multiple scoops to pull the plastic out of various printed items. Very cool tool. A link to their campaign is here


A portable guitar for learning and playing. I have been using their excellent software to learn to play guitar. I was a backer of their first project. Overall the device is well made. The wi-fi connection allows you to create a portable guitar experience. Portable – easy to connect and frankly the software is simply amazing. All of that was Jamstik 1, This campaign is for their new and improved Jamstik 2. I can’t wait to see the additional improvements they will have made!!!! Great group, great campaign. Link is here

ODIN: Mouse

I have now backed two project named for the Norse God. One was a projector that also created a touch surface for any device. This one is for the projector mouse. Overall this is one of the neatest tech projects I’ve seen in a while. More for the wow factor than anything. Laser projected keyboards have been around for awhile. They are interesting conversation pieces and reasonable keyboards. If you learned touch typing 38 years ago the laser keyboards aren’t as effective. But they are cool. This project. First they have taken mouse ascetics to a new level. I love the way it looks and the goals are solid. This is an amazing project. Link is here…

Indiegogo projects

Air Mentor:

A six in one air meter. A great tool for figuring out what is in the air around you. This goes beyond simply knowing the CO and CO2 levels in the air to being considering what else is in the air around you. I am all for the move towards more and more sensors in the home. The more you can measure the better you will be. A link to the project is here


Ok this one intrigued me just from the description. A microwavable cloud connected notebook. I mean who can resist that? Well for sure I couldn’t. It seems like an interesting idea. I am a huge fan of connected notebooks. I still love the feel of paper as I take notes. Warm paper just sounds like the perfect sit outside in the winter notepad for writing Robert Frost tribute poems. Or essays about the impact of snow on the blandness of grass. A link to the campaig is here

My rules are simple for this column. First it appears in both my blogs from time to time. I try to do it roughly once a month. If I think the project is worthy of being backed I back it and if I think it is amazing I add it to my blog and further promote it.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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