Carillion Tower of Indiana University…

Slightly crooked. Black and white image. Taken by my father of the Carillion Tower or Bell Tower on the campus of Indiana University. This was where I was album001taking Barb the night I planned to propose to her.

It was in the car on College Avenue on the way to the tower that Barb proposed to me. I never got to say my proposal that I had spent hours writing. I did give it to her on our 15th anniversary. But at the time I never proposed. We talked that night after she proposed about the dreams we had. Barb wanted to live in a nice house. She wanted to go to Europe and see the history for herself. She wanted to have kids.

It was a magical night at the Carillion tower.

I still love the tower. When you go at night it is lit by lights that bathe the surface gently. Indiana limestone resonates so well with the bells when they play. The tower is both a work of art to see and to hear.

It actually sits on the top of a small hill near the part of Indiana University’s campus that is called Frat Row. I don’t actually remember when it was built. I suspect it was built-in the 1960’s. My first memory of it was upon returning from Bangkok but that was mostly because most of my early Bloomington memories were of IU Basketball and Football. Art didn’t interest me as much until later in my school years.

The current package of pictures we are scanning are all portraits. 8 1/2 by 11 and most of them are too big for the blogging tool I am using right now. The Carolyn tower comes through. I will get more of the family portraits up as we make them smaller.

We actually live near a church bell tower in Maryland. It doesn’t however ring a church bell. It is a Carolyn tower. It plays entire melodies with the bells switching to Amazing Grace on occasion. A Carillion is supposed to play more than one bell or two bells. Many places have a single bell they ring (such as the Liberty Bell). A Carillion tower plays a tune or many tunes.

It took until past our tenth anniversary to get Barb all the things she wanted that night at the Carillion  tower Smile.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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