My dad outdoors where he loved to be…


Dad and Fred pre-deck expansion. The deck of the house on Kinser Pike was changed three times at least as far as I remember. I suspect there were more changes.

There was many a fine argument on that deck. Many a fine conversation as well but the arguments were the most fun. Discussing and breaking down the universe into smaller pieces. I spent most of my teenage years arguing with dad. I suspect if I had it all to do over again I would argue again.  As a young adult you have to separate from your parents. As a parent you want nothing other than to go back to the time when your parents were in charge and you didn’t have to worry about anything. Well except the rules and things your parents said that had to be argued with.

Dad and Fred were tight. Dad loved dogs. MacGregor our Collie was clearly dad’s dog. He loved dad more than anything on earth.


Dad’s idea of a great vacation was being outdoors. Which by the way was also his definition of a good Saturday, a good Sunday or any other day of the week. Dad grew up outdoors in the Dells. This is him with their camper and the Westies Fred and Jessie.

Fred and Jessie’s idea of roughing it involved food and air conditioning. I am just saying.

The knees and beat up legs are genetic. There were times when we had three generation of spindly legs in the same room. Dad, me and the boys with the same knees and beat up legs.

Being outdoors made him happy. We didn’t get central air for our house until the allergist told dad and mom that Lynne needed central air to help her allergies. Even then he turned it on at 80. That was some relief in the summer in Indiana but we were outside most days then anyway.


From one of their trips, poised by either the great lakes (Paradise Michigan) or one of the two oceans. My guess would be this is Paradise Michigan. The sand is awfully white for the Atlantic and I don’t recognize the beach area for it to be Pacific. We got a pop up camper and took it to Paradise Michigan. It truly is a beautiful place. I don’t remember much beyond one isolated memory of playing on the beach (the water was very cold) and the pop-up camper. I suspect we had activities and things we did I just remember them.

The name I remember. Paradise.

Mom and dad lived in Michigan for a couple of years. Dad got his Masters Degree from the University of Michigan and he did field world for that thesis somewhere in Michigan. But that was before I was born.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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