Memories of the farm and a treasure found in the album we are scanning…

The farm. Or Andersen Acres. Dad put AA above the garage doors of the farm. We tried to get to him take them down for years.album162 Sometimes when dad decided tried was all you did if you disagreed.

This is from just past the driveway towards the house. To the right of where this image was taken was the pond/lake. It was called Kirksville lake by some locals. It actually had some fairly good fish in it. Also large Alligator snapping turtles and a load of Common American Water snakes.

The wooden walkway was used as the processional for Barb and my wedding. To the right is the large sloped field where we had the reception. To the left is the apple/pear/nut orchard.  Mom and dad built this house exactly the way they wanted it and then spent the next 20 years changing it. Buying the perfect house and then changing it over time is an Andersen tradition.


This is the back of the house. So off nearly straight and a little to the right was the garage (with AA on it until they sold the house) to your immediate right is the apple orchard. Dad’s Greenhouse to the right of the picture attached to the house and a surprise for me today. I didn’t remember mom and dad adding a deck off the main level in the back of the house.

By the time this picture was taken Mom and dad were probably close to selling the house. Barb and I were in Cincinnati. Lynne and Gary were in Greenwood IN and Barb and Dana had just gotten married. Jakki would have been about a year old (Matt about a year and Megan on the way). Courtney and the Boys weren’t born yet and Becca would have been around 10 or 11 years old. The image is probably from 1992. The last Christmas we spent in this house as a family was December 1991. Jakki was a little over a month old and slept through the last Christmas at the farm. At some point within a year or so of this picture mom and dad sold the farm and moved to Kinser Pike. They were on Kinser Pike when we moved to Greenwood. album129That was in October 1999. They had been on Kinser for at least five years by the time we moved. I remember because Barb and Jakki had the flu when we visited in 1997 for Christmas. Barb was on bed rest because of the pregnancy and both she and Jakki were in the living room on Kinser Pike throwing up. I didn’t get sick until we actually started driving home on the day after Christmas (back to Cincinnati at that time).

The last image isn’t of the farm. Mom and her friend Maria Cluver started a business at one point. They called it Dolls by Marisa. I know the dolls were popular because both girls (Becca and Jakki) loved them. They were unique with gowns and hand sewn faces. This is actually one of the advertisements they made many years ago. The first time this has been on the Internet. The address and phone number are no longer valid. I suspect neither Mrs. Cluver or mom have any interest in reviving the business. It was just something incredibly creative mom did. Dad loved being outdoors working in his gardens. At one point he had 15 acres of gardens to play in.

I still think all these years later that the dolls were amazing. I wish I had that level of artistic ability. I do not sadly. My art works come out looking like stick figures drawn by a very sloppy four year old. I guess in the end I am the families Salieri. Cursed to see beauty but to never create the beauty I see.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow)

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