Of family gatherings, old wagons and people that don’t smile.. (sometimes).

For mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary we spent a weekend at Spring Mill state park and had a professional photographer. album003Here is a picture of the two of them relaxed. We had a few traumatic events that weekend with one of my sons not wishing to be photographed. But all in all we had a good time.

We got amazing pictures.

Sometimes with photographs you have such a strong desire to center everything. This one presents very well with just the slightest bit of off center.

They both look cool in their sunglasses.


This one is just the Grandsons. Matt in the center and the two boys on the sides flanking him. Matt is a great young man. Without a doubt one of the nicest people you could ever care to meet.

You will notice with Matt there Nick was smiling. Not sure why everyone was posing in front of the antique wagon. For these three I suspect a game controller or computer would have in the end been a more normal pose.

It was a great weekend. Family meals, All of us together. The outdoors and celebrating 50 years of marriage. Seems amazing when you think about it. Mom and dad were married in 1956. (these images from 2006). I came along in 1960. Lynne and Barb came along much later than that (they are far younger than I am).


I will end with the whole clan. There were two whole clan pictures. This one that was taken indoors and another that hasn’t made it into the scanning system that was taken outdoors. You can see Nick isn’t smiling. Oh well.

I won’t name everyone it will be easier to point out that due to college Becca was not able to join us for the weekend (she was in Chicago at the time) and isn’t in the whole clan picture. So I guess it is the almost nearly whole clan picture.

Seems strange that this picture is 9 years old now. Seems like it was just yesterday, but that was many states ago and many years in the past. Everyone in this picture has changed a little. The boys are nearly the same height as I am now. Luke may even now be taller than me although that will never be admitted publically.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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