DO you remember those days of September when we were young and….

Mom and Matt on the back porch of our house in Cincinnati Ohio. This house (2894 Shaffer) was the first house we bought in Cincinnati Ohio. It was in the Albums 1005Western Hills section of the city. There was no garage for the house so we parked on the street. During the five years we lived there the following happened:

  • We had to break up a fight on our neighbors front lawn (it was not our neighbor involved in the fight)
  • Our car was hit three times while parked in front of our house. The last time the person didn’t even leave their insurance just a huge dent in the side of our car.
  • Becca got into the school for creative and preforming arts in Cincinnati.
  • The boys were born.
  • Jakki started an all-day Kindergarten program while we were in this house.


When Jakki was little she and I were often stuck together. Barb was working at Optimum group (sometimes as many as 100 hours in a single week) Becca would spend every other weekend with Pete so Jakki and I would be the only people home. She would come with me to work when I had to clean up servers or change things around at work. She never complained. She was a mellow kid.

Over the course of her early years in life I subjected her to the kind of music I like (70’s and 80’s rock). I can’t imagine how my world is changed just because of that smile. She is truly an amazing kid (and adult).  Every day she would head off to day care without a care in the world. I would pick her up and many times we would then drive all the way across Cincinnati Ohio to pick up Becca at play practice. Becca didn’t like it when we interrupted play practice so Jakki and I would sit in the car playing games and talking, even as a two year old she had interesting ideas about the way the world worked. What a great kid.


So we end with a late throw back Thursday (or an early throw back Friday). Seated on the couch were my father’s parents Ester and Henry Andersen. My grandparents. Seated on their laps were myself on the left and my sister Lynne on the right.

I know we were sitting on a couch because it wasn’t my Grandma Johnston’s house. At Grandma J’s house we always sat on the Davenport not the couch. They looked very similar but in fairness I never did see grandma’s davenport next to or side by side with our couch.

Based on age (1964) Lynne is around or just about to turn 2 years old. I am nearly 4 years old. The picture was probably taken at the Dells but I don’t recall the walls or the couch so I can’t be sure. In fact it could have been taken at our house in Vernon Hills as well. In wandering through the picture project I have to say it makes me sad a little. I always held the impression that I saw my Grandparents (dad’s parents) infrequently. In the end they were around a lot when I was little. Until we moved to Indiana in fact. I guess that goes to show that memories are a trick thing at best. I got to know my grandmoter more later, after we returned from Bangkok. But I wish I had known my grandfather more.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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