Just another shameless review–Quell

We live in the age of connection. The more we connect the more connections there are. Recently I injured my shoulder. Well I aggravated a previous injury and made it worse. Between carrying a backpack and the various tugs and pulls my upper arm started hurting all the time. I tried ice and heat a variety of different ways I even got to the point of applying patches to my upper arm so I could sleep at night.

The new thing doctors recommend is electric stimulation. Enter Quell. A Bluetooth device that offers an electronic stimulation regime for your arms and legs.

What I like:

  • Device is small
  • Charge and go – simply plug in the power pack and away you go
  • Easily attached to the pain point.
  • Lasts a week on one charge
  • gel pads are easy to attach to the main unit
  • software is nice, let’s you see what is going on with your


The system is one hour on one hour off. You can see where you are with the treatment in the software. You will feel a slight buzzing wherever you have the unit attached. Nothing painful just a buzzing feeling.

What I don’t like

  • The replacement pads (must be replaced every two weeks or so) are expensive.

So first off this hasn’t solved my pain. I am in that ticklish spot where I do not know if my arm is getting better. It hurts more now than it did. But it hurts more quickly now than before. So its hard to tell is it getting better or worse. I am going to try it on my chronic knee once my upper arm feels better and see if it will help there.

Overall – great product, easy to use. It is a growing home market. The device works well, is small and charges via USB cable. You can wear it under your shirt (upper arm) and it only bulges out a little so you could wear it all day. I am only wearing it in the mornings when I get ready to move for my day. So its on about an hour overall.

Great product (yes it’s a Kickstarter/Indiegogo project). https://www.quellrelief.com/ 


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow)

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