Those were the days….

DSCN0011For those of you that follow my podcast I caught up today getting to my two posts per month average. Sorry if you follow that for the missed month. Sometimes life gets in the way of sharing. With just over 1100 pictures shared the remainder of the project leaves me another 1000 blogs to write.

This one is mom and the boys. They were in the infamous twins stroller. We had three different strollers over the life time of pushing the boys. They were used a lot, packed a lot and in the end damaged a lot.  Not that the boys were hard on stuff because they were, but also because we always found a better stroller.

This is at a hotel somewhere. It could be French Lick Indiana. I am sure I will remember right after I post this.

They have grown up considerably since this picture. It is amazing but in just 3 weeks they will head off for their junior year in High School.

Such a change.


I used to do college recruiting and hiring years ago. I remember going to events and the line to talk to us was around the corner.

We would talk to college kids and young professionals about the rest of their lives. It was sort of like being a teacher except in the end you didn’t get to talk to them for a whole year and for the most part they knew how to read and write. Talking, some of them still struggled with.

Its ok not to make eye contact. It isn’t ok to talk into your lapel.

I spent a lot of time doing those gigs. They were fun. We had a great crew of people that we were all a part of. Lots of fun. Back in the day we would interview people and depending on how they were doing we would change around the internets and styles. Just to see if in the end they would be a good fit for our team.


The play yard we added to our house in Indiana. That beautiful landscaping lasted until the first big rain then it was all over the yard. Took me three hours to get it all back. Then it happened again. so another three hours. After the third time I stopped and we filled the area with gravel.

Then we got rid of the play yard when the boys were a little older. It was really only heavily used for about three years. Then never more, and Indiana doesn’t really have Ravens.

Still it was a time.

We did only have the one play yard luckily. We’ve actually taken play yards out of two houses now and have left two houses with play yards in them. I guess that is part of having young children…


Family Historian…

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