Making this a little fun and mixing up the family history blog for this week….


Today I changed it up a little. For the next few days the family history project blog will be a random folder and then a random number from within that folder. This may fail with larger numbers and smaller older picture folders. Some of the new folders this will work greatly!

Now, reality is I have no idea where this is. It doesn’t look like anything I have ever seen. I did however based on the folder take the picture. So I have been here. This is the 11th picture in the third folder in the other folder. So I guess this is unknown place. It looks like a school. But I don’t recognize the buildings so I can’t be sure.

This is going to be a fun game. Some of the go forward blogs may be more about the process of the game than the picture produced by the game itself.  But the fun will be trying to figure out what the picture was taken.

Strike one. Swing and a miss.


The winner is bubbies! Well a bubby. This is taken at my parents house a few years ago – they are not this small anymore. This is the first iteration of my parents new back deck. There were at least three that I recall. Although to be honest there could have been many more.

They were just toddling around at this stage. They were cute until they learned how to walk and then all heck broke lose. As they got older and taller things began to break more often. You couldn’t leave anything just out of their reach as they would figure out how to bridge that gap.

It must have been cold but not winter so I suspect early spring for this picture. Luke’s cheeks aren’t red so it isn’t freezing. He is pretty bundled though. I suspect if he fell he wouldn’t feel much in his butt. From the looks of his gait he was still struggling a little with walking.


I guess I can’t really make fun of my father for all his pictures of plants. We lived in Greenwood for 12 years. I probably have 100 pictures of the geese in the pond behind the house. So the random nature of this new blog series in the end only produces images that are there. But the likelihood of pictures occurring –

Boys and Jakki first (I have the most pictures of the three of them)

Becca next (I have fewer digital pictures of Becca)

Geese/wildlife and family dogs next.

So we hit two out of the three on the first run. There are folders that don’t have any of the three in them so perhaps I will mix it up tomorrow.


Family Historian

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